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Best Putter Grip for Claw Grip: Perfecting Your Putting Stroke

The Super Stroke CLAW grip made for golfers that use this grip style when putting

The claw grip is becoming more popular as more people get into golf by watching popular tour pros and content creators who leverage it. It is an unorthodox grip, and golfers claim that it helps them control twisting by reducing the amount of wrist motion necessary for the putting stroke and improving feel at impact. It looks and feels quite different from a traditional putting grip, meaning it can make a difference when shopping for a new putter.

While there aren’t many putters designed explicitly for the claw grip, some aspects of a putter lend themselves better to golfers who use it. Most of the difference here is in the grip material on the putter. We are going to cover the following features to look out for when finding the best putter grip for claw grip:

Grip Length Longer grips improve the feel and control of the claw grip by ensuring the entire bottom hand is touching the grip material.
Grip Thickness Claw grip golfers benefit less from oversized grips since it makes it harder to get the bottom hand palm over the top of the grip. An exception to this trend are larger grips specifically designed to meet the needs of claw grippers.
Putter Length Ensuring that you have the proper length putter is vital in getting the most out of your claw grip, as having too much of a bend in your top wrist can reduce stability.

Let’s dive into these specifications and how they affect claw grip putters.

Grip Length

Since the claw grip involves a fully open bottom hand, with the fingers extending much farther down the grip than with a traditional grip, it usually benefits from a slightly longer putter grip than usual. Generally, any grip 11-15 inches should work fine for a claw grip, as it will ensure that every part of the bottom hand touches grip material, not the shaft.

This will improve the claw grip’s feel and control, making it easier to take advantage of its benefits.

Grip Thickness

Oversized grips are extremely popular for golfers with more traditional grip techniques, but they aren’t always the best choice for those who leverage the claw. This is because the bottom hand’s contact with the club largely focuses on the “V” between the thumb and forefinger. More material makes it harder to get the palm over the top of the grip, though some golfers still use oversized grips with the claw.

Putter Length

This is more of a blanket principle for all golfers, but getting the correct putter length is extremely important. By getting a professionalputter fitting, golfers can ensure they get the right length putter for their measurements, improving the stability and control of their grip.

A putter that is too long will force a more substantial bend in the top wrist, making the claw grip much less stable. A putter that is too short will make it far less natural and comfortable to extend the bottom hand over the grip.

Get a Putter Fitting to Find Your Grip

The best thing for any golfer to do when shopping for putter grips is to get a putter fitting. The fitter will measure your body to determine the best putter for you and have you try different grip materials and sizes to see what works best for you. While general rules of thumb can be helpful, a personalized fitting will always be the preferred method for finding the right golf clubs and accessories.

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