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Better Putting Alignment – Trillium Rose

Successful putting boils down to two crucial elements – speed and line. For a putt to find the bottom of the cup, you have to be incredibly precise, applying just the right amount of force to the ball and rolling it in just the right direction. Speed control takes time to master. You can develop this skill with experience and smart practice, like the use of ladder drills that will hone your sense of touch on the greens.

Rolling the ball on the correct starting line can be even trickier. It requires consistent, square contact with the ball at impact as well as precise aim. We are all somewhat limited by our imperfect ability to read greens, but as Titleist staff member Trillium Rose shows in this video, you can greatly improve the odds with a clever augmentation to your equipment – a Custom Alignment Logo, available on all Titleist golf balls.

Watch as Trillium uses the custom Red T alignment aid on her Pro V1 to line up her putt with confidence. As she demonstrates, when you take the doubt out of aiming, it will free you up to think only of speed. You’ll make smoother strokes and your golf ball will find the bottom of the cup much more often.

Visit to check out all of the alignment logo options available for you to customize your favorite Titleist golf ball.