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Bettinardi Golf: Proudly Made in America

Made in the USA is a phrase that means something to Robert Bettinardi and the entire staff at Bettinardi Golf. Take an inside look at Bettinardi Golf’s factory located just outside of Chicago, IL to watch the process and product that makes Bettinardi so special.

Robert Bettinardi:  “Being in the golf industry in the early ’90s that I was in, most of the manufacturers I found out when they were making their clubs they were making them overseas. I felt even at that time that if I was ever going to be on my own in the golf industry I would want to do all that here in my own shop with my own two eyes looking at that product being made. That’s the process that I’ve instilled into my son and I hope that we can maintain that and control that for as long as we’re making Bettinardi Golf. We want to make it here. We’re proud of the fact that we make it here and we want to continue to make it here.”