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Bettinardi Putters Review: Precision Made

Bettinardi putters review

Renowned for their exquisite aesthetics and exceptional performance, Bettinardi putters have garnered a reputation as the epitome of luxury. While their price range may lean towards the higher end, they undeniably yield top-tier results, making them a favored choice among golf enthusiasts, even securing victories for professionals on esteemed tours.

Now, as we venture into 2023, the highly regarded Studio Stock and Queen B lines have undergone noteworthy updates. Our focus lies in unraveling whether these fresh offerings continue the legacy of Bettinardi’s unparalleled quality. To accomplish this, we will delve into the following aspects for each line:

  • Defining factors
  • Technological highlights
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Recommended experience level

So, let’s tee off with our Bettinardi putters review and uncover the unique advantages they offer your game!

Studio Stock

Distinguished as Bettinardi’s “tour-inspired” collection, the Studio Stock line stands apart with its distinct visual and tactile characteristics. The disparity in appearance and sensation is evident, as these putters exude a heightened level of elegance. Notably, the Studio Stock putters deliver an added dimension of gentleness, accompanied by a lighter head, enabling enhanced maneuverability throughout the stroke while upholding unwavering precision. Sporting a timeless silver aesthetic, they seamlessly align with the putters favored by professionals on the tour circuit. Furthermore, the Studio Stock line boasts material craftsmanship that rivals even the most esteemed manufacturers, epitomizing excellence in quality.

Bettinardi Putters Review: Studio Stock Tech Highlights
Roll Control MillingTheir Roll Control milling pattern ensures that the ball quickly gets into a proper roll instead of initially skidding after contact.
One-Piece Stainless Steel FaceTheir signature milling pattern on a one-piece stainless steel face makes the Studio Stock one of the softest non-insert putters on the market.
Diamond Blast/Polished FinishThe Diamond Blast finish on SS putters provides a glare-resistant view from the address, while the face and sole are polished, giving it a luxurious presence on the greens.
Premium ComponentsEach Studio Stock putter comes paired with a Tour Grade shaft, custom Castleton green Lamkin Sink Fit Grip, and dual-constructed Castleton green and black perforated Studio Stock Series headcover.


  • Incredibly soft feel without losing out on feedback
  • Very little resistance/twisting on contact
  • Wide variety of toe hangs and head shapes to meet the needs of every golfer


  • Expensive
  • No true mallet option

The Studio Stock putters may be tour-inspired, but they provide a feel and forgiveness that appeals to various amateur golfers. They are incredibly well-designed, decently forgiving, and do a great job getting the ball to roll sooner. This makes putting more predictable, consistent, and fun. They are an excellent option for golfers that prefer blade-style putters but are likely better positioned for more experienced golfers that would get the most out of the premium price tag.

Queen B

Embraced as another enduring and iconic putter head, the Queen B series has proven to catalyze success among golfers spanning diverse experience levels. In terms of weight, Queen B putters exude a slightly heavier disposition than the Studio Stock line, reducing resistance and torsion upon impact. Traditionally recognized for their firmer feelat impact, these putters have undergone enhancements in the form of a honeycombed face, imbuing them with a touch of added softness. As a result, they present an enticing option for golfers who have previously relished the Studio Stock line but are intrigued by the notion of wielding a weightier putter head.

Bettinardi Putters Review: Queen B Tech Highlights
Mini Honeycomb MillingTheir new Mini Honeycomb face brings a softer feel than previous Queen B models, leveraging some of the strengths of Bettinardi’s other putter lines.
One-Piece Stainless Steel FaceTheir signature milling pattern on a one-piece stainless steel face makes the Queen B one of the most durable putters on the market.
Caramel Copper PVD FinishThe Caramel Copper PVD finish on Queen B putters provides a unique look and a glare-resistant view from the address.
Premium ComponentsEach Queen B Series putter comes paired with a premium matching Honeycomb patterned headcover and Lamkin Sink Fit grip.


  • Almost no resistance/twisting on contact
  • The unique finish is truly eye-catching
  • Similar variety to the SS line


  • Expensive
  • Heavier feel that not all are partial to

Queen B is an icon for a reason. The heavier putter head makes contact feel smoother without sacrificing feedback. The new finish looks amazing, and the improvements in feel increase the number of golfers that may be interested in the Queen B. These putters are great for those looking for a solid, heavy head that will not budge when coming in contact with the ball.

Get Your Bettinardi Putter at Worldwide Golf Shops

With the updated Studio Stock and Queen B lines, Bettinardi has again demonstrated its commitment to excellence. The Studio Stock line, embodying a “tour-inspired” essence, captivates with its refined aesthetics and enhanced softness while maintaining impeccable accuracy. Meanwhile, the Queen B series continues to reign supreme as an icon, now featuring a captivating new finish and an improved feel, expanding its appeal to a wider range of golfers.

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