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Big Bounce Distinguishes Vokey V Grind

By John Steinbreder – Global Golf Post

Titleist Vokey V Grind Wedges (photo courtesy Global Golf Post)

In addition to being an inveterate tinkerer, Titleist wedge-meister Bob Vokey is also a chronic listener, especially when it comes to taking in what tour professionals say about the wedges he makes, which is why he continues to come up with new ways to help golfers improve their short-game play.

The latest example of how those traits impact his work is the new Vokey V Grind. Offered as part of the SM6 line in 54- through 60-degree lofts with 10 degrees of bounce, the wedge is designed for players looking for increased bounce on square-face shots, particularly those individuals inclined to take steep angles of approach. At the same time, Vokey says, the V Grind is made to give greater relief on open-faced shots, with the club’s TX4 groove technology supplying the maximum amount of spin.

Vokey V Grind-2
TItleist Vokey V Grind Wedges (photo courtesy Global Golf Post)

“We’ve had a tremendous start to the season, but one request we keep getting from players is that they would like some more bounce,” Vokey says. “It got me thinking about one of my original grinds, the V Grind, which provides more bounce forward on the sole, with enhanced relief in the heel, trailing edge and toe. It really is a versatile wedge around the green.”

The V Grind comes in two finishes, Brushed Chrome and Oil Can, and may be customized through Titleist’s WedgeWorks shop, with personalized stamping available in up to eight characters as well as a dozen paint fill colors and various selections of shafts, grips, shaft bands and ferrules.

Vokey V Grind

What’s New?
A grind in the SM6 wedge line from Bob Vokey and Titleist
Who’s It For?
Players who take a steeper angle of approach with their wedges, and who want a bit more versatility when it comes to square-face and open-faced shots