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Bridgestone’s Ball for the Average Joe

By John SteinbrederGlobal Golf Post

In developing the latest iteration of the company’s e6 golf balls, Bridgestone officials relied on data gathered from more than two million ball-fitting sessions with recreational players of all ages and abilities. And by doing so, those technicians say they are giving those sortsimage-1-bsg-balls-e6soft-wballs@2x of players something they have been hard-pressed to get before – golf balls that fly farther and straighter than the more expensive, Tour-level products so many of them have been employing.

“We’ve learned through years of conducting fittings that the vast majority of golfers are using a product that is detrimental to their performance,” says Adam Rehberg, who handles golf ball marketing for Bridgestone. “Few generate the speed necessary to make tour balls perform optimally, and the results could be dramatic losses in distance and accuracy. The new e6 series is designed to provide longer and straighter shots.”

There are two models within the new e6 Series, the e6 Soft and the e6 Speed. Both utilize
a new Delta Dimple Technology that is made to minimize air resistance for enhanced
distance and accuracy, with the e6 Soft version made to produce better feel and stopping power on
shorter shots while the e6 Speed is designed to deliver what Rehberg describes as “explosive initial ball velocity,” for even more distance off the tee.

Republished with permission by Global Golf Post.