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Calibrate Your Speed on the Green

One of the more challenging tasks for amateur golfers is determining the speed of the greens. In this Play Better Golf Segment, Callaway staff pro, Alex Noren, gives us a simple speed drill to putt with the right speed and ultimately make more putts.

Hi, I’m Alex Noren, and it’s time for another Odyssey Roll Call. I play a lot of Pro-Am’s, and I think what most amateurs struggle with is the speed when you hit putts. It’s maybe not the read, it’s more the speed you know.

So and a little speed drill here that I usually do is you take three balls from pretty much the same place, you try to hit one just roll over the front edge, so very soft putt. The next one, medium putt but just roll them in like you would prefer to and then one that you really hit hard in the back to the cup. And we’ll see if I can do that here.

So a really soft one, then you try to hit one medium pace, that’s good and then hit one quite firm now to the back of the cup. It was alright; I like that you know, so you guys try this and see if that helps you score for the next few rounds, so good luck.