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Callaway Ai Smoke Fairway Wood Review 2024

The four models covered in this Callaway Ai Smoke Fairway Woods review.

Callaway has been making competitive fairway woods and drivers for a long time, providing competitive distance and reliable shots off the tee and the fairway. With their Ai Smoke series of fairway woods, they bring four different models that are meant to serve golfers of just about every style and experience level.

In this Callaway Ai Smoke Woods review, we are going to cover:

  • Key features
  • Model Comparison
  • Pros and Cons

Let’s dive into each and figure out what these fairway woods have to offer.

Key Features

The key feature of the Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke fairway woods is the use of their Swing Code technology to create the Ai Smart Face. Swing Code essentially refers to them using AI simulations of real golfers’ swings to craft clubs that suit every type of golfer. They aggregated their data and divided the swing profiles into four distinct categories, creating a model for each one. Let’s dive into the model comparison to see what they came up with.

Callaway Ai Smoke Fairway Woods Model Comparison

Ai Smoke MAX Ai Smoke MAX D Ai Smoke MAX FAST Ai Smoke Triple Diamond
Distance and Adjustability Distance and Forgiveness Lightweight Swing Speed Distance and Workability
Golfers with semi-consistent shot patterns Golfers with a less consistent shot pattern Golfers with a less consistent shot pattern and slower swing speed Golfers with a consistent shot pattern
Launch High Highest Highest Low
Ball Spin Low Mid-Low Mid-Low Lowest
Flight Neutral (Adjustable) Draw Draw Neutral-Fade

Ai Smoke MAX

The Ai Smoke Max is made for mid-handicap golfers with fairly consistent contact on their wood shots. It comes with a low ball spin profile, but still high launching to ensure that golfers can consistently get the ball in the air. It also comes with an adjustable draw/fade bias to meet the needs of golfers spending on the shot shape they want or to adapt with them as they improve.

Ai Smoke MAX D

The MAX D is made for less experienced golfers struggling with consistent contact or a bad slice. It is the most forgiving model in the lineup, with the highest launch and spin profile to ensure the ball gets into the air even on off-center strikes. It comes stock with a draw bias to correct slices as well.


The MAX FAST is designed for golfers struggling with contact and swing speed. It shares the launch, spin profile, and draw bias with the MAX D but is also designed in a lightweight package to improve clubhead speed for more distance.

Ai Smoke Triple Diamond

The Triple Diamond is designed for high-level golfers with consistent shot patterns with their woods. It has a lower, more penetrating launch profile and the lowest ball spin of the lineup. It comes stock with a very slight, almost neutral, fade bias. It is also engineered to be more compact and stiffer to improve workability for golfers that want more shot shapability.

Pros and Cons

While there is an Ai Smoke Model for every golfer, there are still pros and cons to consider before buying any of them:

Pros Cons
  • ✔ Exceptional variety
  • ✔ Impressive distance on every model
  • ✔ Enjoyable sound and feel
  • ✘ Divisive aesthetics with smoke pattern on the sole
  • ✘ Can be difficult to navigate the model lineup

Overall, the new Callaway Ai Smoke woods bring something to the table for everyone, and all of the clubs feel quality and hit well. Their few cons are easy to get past, and some may even like the new unique smoke-inspired aesthetics on the sole.

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