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Callaway Ai Smoke Irons Review 2024

he three models covered in our Callaway Ai Smoke irons review

For many golfers, irons are among the most difficult clubs to hit well. Especially as you go up the line in distance, irons become harder and harder to hit straight consistently, and a bad iron shot can ruin your score on a hole. To help golfers improve their consistency with fewer sacrifices, the Callaway Ai Smoke irons use their new AI Smart Face technology to allow the face material to provide more forgiveness than ever before.

In our Callaway Ai Smoke irons review, we will cover:

  • Key Features
  • Pros and Cons
  • Who they are for
  • Where to buy them

Let’s dive right into each and see if these new irons deliver on their promise of exceptional distance with tighter dispersion.

Key Features

The following are the key features of the Callaway Ai Smoke Irons (with alternate model features in gray):

Forgiveness Through Ai Smart Face Using swing data from thousands of real golfers, Callaway created an Ai-designed face that promotes maximum distance with tight dispersion into the green
Distance Through Ai Smart Face Traditionally, longer club lengths promote increased swing speed and more distance at the cost of control, but Callaway’s Ai process provides the distance benefits of ¼” longer clubs in the mid and long irons while maintaining tight dispersion into the green
Contemporary Design Meets Hollow-Body Innovation New, modern hollow-body shape consists of longer blade lengths, thinner toplines, and optimized sole widths to provide a streamlined look with reliable hollow-body forgiveness
Improved Turf Interaction from Dynamic Sole Design Dynamic Sole Design features a pre-worn leading edge with variable bounce that cuts through the turf to promote solid contact on all shots and exceptional forgiveness
Cavity-Back HL (High Launch) Model The HL model is designed in a deep cavity back construction for a low, deep CG and a high, towering flight
Effortless Distance with Max Fast Model The Max Fast model features more loft and lightweight components, including a 40g shaft, to help golfers increase their swing speed and launch

Who The Callaway Ai Smoke Irons Are For

The Callaway Ai Smoke irons come in three different models, so we are going to break down the target golfer for each of the following clubs:

Callaway Ai Smoke

The base model of these irons focuses on distance and forgiveness in a hollow-body form. This means it will serve mid-high handicap golfers who are looking for a bit of extra distance and a lot of extra forgiveness. The hollow body construction is heavier than the other two models, especially when compared to the Max Fast, so it will likely not provide swing speed and/or launch gains that the others will. The extra space in the head, though, will provide a noticeably more forgiving club.

Callaway Ai Smoke HL

The HL model of the Ai Smoke irons is designed to be the most precise of the bunch. The cavity-back head with low CG provides more workability and a higher launch that will promote faster stops on your iron shots. As a result, it is better for mid-handicap golfers who are happy with their stock iron distances and would prefer more predictable and precise behavior after their ball hits the turf or green. Thanks to the Ai Smart Face technology and cavity-back design, they are still forgiving clubs, just not as forgiving or distance-focused as the base model.

Callaway Ai Smoke Max Fast

The Max Fast is a lightweight configuration with the same cavity-back head construction as the HL. The differences lie in weight reduction in many of the club’s components, including the shaft (which means you will likely want to purchase this build as configured). So, this club is designed for mid-high handicappers who specifically struggle with swing speed. The lightweight construction promotes more speed and distance, but this can come at the cost of control, so it is important to balance these interests and only reach for the Max Fast if swing speed is your main problem.

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