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Callaway Chrome Tour Balls: 2024 Review

The Callaway Chrome Tour Balls for 2024.

Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls have long been considered as the soft-feel alternative to premium tour balls that tend to run a bit firmer, but this compromise came with a distance drop-off and spin increase reflective of the price difference (usually $10-20). To fill the gap between the Chrome Soft and the leading tour balls, Callaway has created the Callaway Chrome Tour Balls to offer a true tour-level soft-feel golf ball and the Chrome Tour X to offer a clear tour-style ball for balanced launch and long distance with a firmer feel.

The question is, how well do they accomplish this goal? In order to give a comprehensive answer to that question, we will cover:

  • The Callaway Chrome Tour Balls
  • The Chrome Tour X Balls
  • Final Verdict

Let’s dive into each and figure out exactly what we know about these new golf balls.

Callaway Chrome Tour Balls

As mentioned above, the Chrome Tour is meant to be a more premium version of the Chrome Soft, bringing a soft-feel golf ball into the low-spin world of tour balls. As a result, we will compare the measurables with the Chrome Soft, and we will get into Chrome Tour X comparisons in the next section.

Chrome Tour vs Chrome Soft Driver Stats

Ball Ball Speed Launch Angle Spin Avg Shot Height Avg Carry Distance Dispersion (yds)
Chrome Tour 171.6 mph 11.9° 2236 rpm 96 ft 287 yds 7R
Chrome Soft 171.5 mph 12.4° 2410 rpm 101 ft 287 yds 2R

(Data from GolfMonthly’s testing.)

Based on these numbers, the Chrome Tour does exactly what it claims to do, combining the soft feel of its previous offering while lowering spin and providing a more aggressive ball path. The only downside is that this doesn’t lead to more average carry distance, but this is made up for by the lower launch angle that is more likely to roll depending on your terrain. In most cases, this should lead to generally longer shots in most cases.

Chrome Tour X Balls

The Chrome Tour X balls are designed to compete more directly with other premium tour balls than any ball Callaway has made before. This means a less soft-feeling ball, more speed off the face, and (hopefully) more distance. 

But what do the numbers say?

Chrome Tour X vs Chrome Tour

Ball Ball Speed Launch Angle Spin Avg Shot Height Avg Carry Distance Dispersion (yds)
Chrome Tour X 172.3 mph 12.8° 2360 rpm 107 ft 291 yds 5R
Chrome Tour 171.6 mph 11.9° 2236 rpm 96 ft 287 yds 7R

(Data from GolfMonthly’s testing.)

Overall, the Chrome Tour X does a great job competing with the best tour balls on the market on paper. It has slightly higher ball speed off the face, thought it does generate more spin and a higher launch angle as a result. This leaves the Chrome Tour X with just a bit more distance and launch height than the Chrome Tour. While the difference seems small, it is significant for balls this closely positioned in the market.

Final Verdict

So, are the Callaway Chrome Tour balls a good value? Absolutely. For soft-feel lovers who like a ball with low spin and a straight flight path, the Chrome Tour is a great and stable option at a competitive price. This will likely replace the Chrome Soft for a lot of golfers who want a bit more distance. For those looking for a true tour ball that could replace the current premium tour-level ball in their bag, the Chrome Tour X is looking to be an extremely competitive option at the top end of the market.

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