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Callaway Epic Flash – Changing the Game with Technology

Two years ago, Callaway promised us something “Epic” was coming, and based on the popularity of the Epic line of drivers and fairway woods, they certainly delivered. Now, for its third release in the Epic line, Callaway debuts the Epic Flash line of drivers and fairway woods with their new Flash Face technology.

From watching golf broadcasts on TV or your smartphone to reading up on the latest golf equipment, one thing is certainly evident – distance is king. Everyone, from the top-ranked players in the world to your weekly foursome partners, wants more distance. And the way to get that distance is by faster ball speeds, which is exactly what Flash Face technology does.

Developed using a combination of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning, the engineers at Callaway sought to create a new face design that would promote faster ball speeds off the center of the clubface. And according to the company, their use of A.I. is the first known instance of its use in the golf equipment industry, so this is truly a breakthrough in innovation.

Epic Flash and Epic Flash Sub Zero Drivers

Both the Epic Flash and Epic Flash Sub Zero drivers utilize the new Flash Face technology for faster ball speeds and greater distance. They also feature Callaway’s Jailbreak technology which utilizes internal bars that stiffen and stabilize the club’s crown and sole. What this ensures is more impact load on the face which in turn leads to faster ball speeds.

Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero DriverBoth drivers also feature a new T2C Triaxial Carbon Crown material. This new weave saves weight which is then redistributed within the clubhead to elevate the club’s MOI.

The Epic Flash driver features a sliding 16-gram weight that allows you to easily make adjustments in order to promote your desired ball flight and shot shape, from a draw or fade to helping to simply hit it straighter.

Meanwhile, the Epic Flash Sub Zero boasts most of those same technologies, but where it differs is in the adjustable perimeter weighting and the head design.

The Epic Flash Sub Zero’s APW features a 12-gram sliding weight as opposed to a 16-gram one and is the first time APW has been available in Callaway’s Sub Zero drivers.

Also, the Sub Zero offers a sleek head design preferred by better players. This advanced head shape offers high MOI and low spin for longer shots and more forgiveness on off-center hits.

Epic Flash and Epic Flash Sub Zero Fairway Woods

Once again, you’ll find many of the same technological innovations in the fairway woods as in the drivers, including the Flash Face and Jailbreak technologies. However, what’s different in the fairway woods is a forged Carpenter steel combined with Face Cup technology which offers an uncommon combination of distance and accuracy, perfect when trying to reach a par-5 in two or that difficult, long par-3.

Callaway Epic Flash FairwayBoth the Epic Flash and Epic Flash Sub Zero boast a new OptIFIT Hosel for easy launch and optimal flight. This hosel system is shorter and lighter, and with that saved weight, engineers are able to reposition the CG for easier launch capability and longer carry. It also allows the team to combine their patented Jailbreak technology with adjustability for the first time in a fairway wood.

Meanwhile, the Epic Flash Sub Zero features an adjustable sole weighting system in which two separate weights (16g and 2g) can be switched between the front and back in order to adjust and optimize your ideal launch, spin, and trajectory.

A Project X Evenflow Green is the stock steel shaft for both drivers and fairway woods, while the graphite options include the Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue and the Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black. A stock Golf Pride New Decade Align Green offers superior grip and feel, as well as help in aligning the clubface to your target.