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Callaway JAWS Wedges Review: Enhance Your Short Game

One of the Callaway JAWS wedges from the Raw lineup

Wedges are an extremely important part of your club set, as they often dictate how close your ball is to the pin when it lands on the green. By investing in a good wedge, you can shave strokes off your game by reducing the number of putts it will take to sink the ball.

The Callaway JAWS wedge line is extremely popular, and recently extended the lineup with the Callaway JAWS Raw wedges meant to provide maximum spin regardless of the conditions. The big question is: How well do they actually perform?

We will do an honest review of the Callaway JAWS Raw wedges from our own hands-on experience with the clubs. In this review, we will cover:

  • Key features
  • Pros and cons
  • Where to buy them

Let’s dive into each and get a better idea of whether or not you should consider buying these wedges.

Callaway JAWS Raw Wedges Key Features

There are a couple of new features that come with the Raw wedges, as well as some that are holdovers from the entire JAWS line:

Raw Face Removed the plating on the face to allow rusting over time and enable a more direct connection between the ball and the face
Sharper Grooves New 37-degree wall angle to increase groove edge sharpness, increasing spin to stop the ball sooner
Weight-Balanced Design New materials like tungsten, and variable length hosels have been used to give each type of wedge the perfect balance for its use case

Each of these features crafts the Raw wedges for their intended purpose: Maximum spin and control. These wedges are designed to give you the best possible approach when you’re close to the green, but how well do they accomplish this goal?

Pros and Cons

We got together with Callaway’s wedge designer, Rodger Cleveland, to try the Raw wedges and get an idea of their strengths and weaknesses, as well as try some of the different bounce and grind profiles that they offer. 

Check out our video of this process below:

TEST RUN: NEW Callaway JAWS Raw Line Extension With Roger Cleveland

After getting our hands on the wedges, and hearing some buyer feedback from our customers we came away with the following pros and cons:

Pros Cons
Incredible spin on both short and full shots
Generous bounce, especially noticeable out of the rough
Industry-leading performance around the green
Could be a bit more forgiving on full swings
The stock grip feel is divisive, with some loving it and others wishing they got a custom grip

Overall, the answer is yes. The performance of the Callaway JAWS wedges, especially the Raw lineup, delivers on their promise of generating next-level results around the green by focusing on spin and control.

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