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Callaway X-Forged Irons


Callaway X-Forged Irons

Callaway is continuing its tradition of excellent irons in the form of a forged cavity back known as the all-new X-Forged Iron. An improvement from previous models, the X-Forged Iron has a fantastic look that excites Tour professionals alike (and let’s be honest, anybody that loves the game of golf). These tour-caliber irons are a combination of improved features and upgraded technology all packed into a classic looking iron.

X-Forged1The new X-Forged Irons are engineered with a great combination of performance, control, turf interaction, and feel in a triple net forging. It’s a design that continues to be popular with Tour players around the world. This single piece, cavity back iron features Tour configurations for the soles, CG progression for precision shot-making and accuracy, with just the right amount of forgiveness, and a classic finish.

Features & Benefits

The exceptional feel and control in the X-Forged Irons come from the precise triple net forging process. The result is high performance across the board. An improved, Tour-configured sole design allows outstanding turf interaction from a variety of lies while the 20V grooves are built in to promote a high level of control and excellent spin out of any playing conditions. Not to mention the precision grooves also reduce fliers from the rough, and the CG locations are optimized for even more control.  The classic, clean look of the X-Forged Irons have an appealing look at address, inspired by some of our most popular forged irons.

Callaway X-Forged UT Irons

Utility irons have become increasingly popular on Tour primarily as a versatile option off the tee. It’s a club that they rely on when they need to find the fairway, and Callaway Tour pros were a direct inspiration and provided a tremendous amount of input to build the new X-Forged Utility Irons.

X-ForgedUTLike the X-Forged Irons, the X-Forged UT is a forged design with the accuracy and control that gives better players the ultimate confidence to catch the fairway or the green, especially when they need precision to hit even the tightest of landing areas. With a CG that’s strategically positioned in line with the center of the face, this club is engineered to deliver a lower, more penetrating ball flight and less curve, a proven combination that leads to straight shots.

The tungsten insert in the X-Forged UT is engineered for high MOI, effortless launch, and excellent control, and the hollow body increases the MOI even more in a traditional shape. It’s safe to say that the X-Forged UT is more forgiving than a long iron. And Callaway’s industry-leading 360 Face Cup pushes the COR (or energy transferred between the ball and the face of the club) right up to the USGA limit for increased ball speeds across the face.

Features & Benefits

The extensive input from Tour players was a direct inspiration in this forged design. The Center of Gravity, positioned in line with the center of the face, gives the club maximum ball speed and a straighter flight. The traditionally shaped, hollow body design of this club adds forgiveness while the tungsten-infused insert increases MOI, making it easier to control shots with a smooth launch and long carry. Callaway’s industry-leading 360 Face Cup technology increases ball speed with excellent efficiency on center hits and further minimizes distance loss on off-center hits.