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Callaway X Forged UT Irons

Callaway X Forged UT Irons

Over the years, Utility Irons have become more and more popular on Tour as a versatile option off the tee. It’s a club that allows you to be straight, long, precise, and a go-to club for low handicappers out there that need to find the middle of the fairway but not give up too much distance. Built from a tremendous amount of input from Callaway’s Tour Staff, the new X Forged Utility Irons are quickly becoming a versatile option off the tee and in the fairways.

The X Forged UT is a forged design built for accuracy and control to give better players the utmost confidence to hit the fairway, find the greens, or land it in even the tightest landing areas with ultimate precision. Unlike most utility irons that place the CG lower on the clubface to promote a higher launch, the CG on the X Forged UT is positioned in line with the center of the clubface, producing a lower, more penetrating ball flight and less curve.

Strategically placed tungsten inserts produce a higher MOI, giving the X Forged UT effortless launch and excellent control with a hollow body design to increase MOI in a more traditional club shape. Lastly, Callaway’s industry-leading 360 Face Cup pushes the COR (the energy transferred between two objects, in this instance, the club and the ball) to the USGA limit for increased ball speeds across the face.

The Callaway X Forged UT is long, straight, and accurate, plain and simple. It is a must try for low handicap players who are looking to move away from high ball flight hybrids and want to find a club that has the forgiveness of a hybrid with the low, penetrating ball flight of a long iron.