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Callaway’s Sub Zero Driver Courts Big Hitters

xr-16-sub-zero-driver-sole-b-2016Callaway officials say the company’s XR 16 Sub Zero driver – a low-spin addition to the XR 16 family – is designed to give better players with high swing speeds extra yards off the tee.

A new Carbon Triax Crown allowed technicians to redistribute weight below the neutral axis, giving this product the lowest center of gravity they have engineered in a club.

In addition, technicians have endowed the Sub Zero (which has been put in play on Tour this year by Phil Mickelson and others) a pair of interchangeable weights – one of which tips the scales at 10 grams and the other at 2 grams – to enable players to fine-tune their shots.

By moving the heavy weight forward, and they can reduce spin and flatten trajectories. By moving it back, however, golfers can promote a slightly higher launch and greater forgiveness.

The XR 16 Sub Zero boasts a 440-cc head and is available only in a loft of 9.5 degrees. But the shaft selections are vast, with 20 premium aftermarket offerings at no extra charge.

XR 16 sub zero

What’s New?

An extremely low-spin driver from Callaway

Who’s It For?

Better players who have high swing speeds and a tendency to generate a lot of spin on their tee shots