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Changing Times


It’s been a truly amazing year on the PGA tour. With the emergence of a quartet of young superstars-in-the-making, the game appears to be in some very capable hands. and while I’ll be cheering as loudly as anyone for Jordan Spieth, Jason Day, Rory Mcilroy, and Rickie Fowler when the 2015-16 season kicks off this month, I can’t help but feel a slight yearning for the not-too-distant past. It’s seems like just yesterday that another young superstar-in-the-making named Tiger Woods burst on to the golf scene and changed everything. From how the record books were written to the way game was played, Tiger proved to be nothing less than a once-in-a-generation phenomenon. most importantly, he brought the game to the masses and masses to the game. Our industry would not be what it is today without Tiger’s influence. Do I think Tiger can still win majors championships? as long as he continues to put a peg in the ground, I’ll be rooting for him. and even though close friend Notah Begay pointed out recently that tiger is well aware “the sun is setting” on his career, I’ll admit my heart is not quite ready for the Tiger era to be over. but at least it’s comforting to know that those following in his footsteps are more than capable of picking up the mantle.

  • AL MORRIS, President, Worldwide Golf Shops

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