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Clear Your Mind and Boom Your Drive – Gregory Favret – Ping

PING Pro Gregory Havret shows how a clear mind can be the secret to longer, straighter drives.  A clear head, not complicated with clutter, is key for consistently hitting good shots.   Take a look at Gregory’s suggestion below, and for all of best and newest Ping equipment, please click HERE.  Play your best with Ping.

Gregory Havret: Hello. I’m Gregory Havret, Ping staff player on European tour. All right, here is my tip for the weekend. I think it’s very good and very important the driving to think about something very simple, not too complicated as you don’t want to think about too much things here and here. You want to think about the impact, the impact is obviously the main thing. You have to think “Hit! There.” So you swing and hit the impact like this, you avoid all the other technical problem of thinking you want to avoid. Guys, this is my tip for the weekend, play your best.