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Cleveland Golf Rolls Out Two New Putters to Help Drain More Shots



Cleveland Golf has unveiled two new putters that will put more potency in your putting game.

The new Huntington Beach Collection features a soft 304 stainless steel face that’s precision milled, technology filled and available in a variety of tour-proven head shapes to fit your style.

Cleveland’s TFI (True Feel Innovation) putters, meanwhile, feature a Milled Copper-Infused Face Cap that’s attached to a copolymer insert, which in laymen’s terms means a softer, feel-enhancing hitting surface.

Another cool feature is that the alignment line is raised 21.35mm, which is the exact radius of the ball.

So whether your eyes are behind, in front or directly over the ball at address, your alignment will always be perfect. Click here to buy now.

This article was republished with permission from Worldwide Golf Insider’s October-November 2016 edition.  To read the entire insider, please click HERE.