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Cleveland Golf RTX 4 Wedges

Cleveland Golf Introduces the All-New RTX 4 Wedges

Cleveland is proud to introduce their new line of RTX 4 wedges, which according to the company, are the most Tour-authentic wedge of all time. That’s certainly saying something, especially coming from a company so well respected and trusted as an industry leader in wedge design and short game clubs.

So what makes them Tour-authentic? Cleveland’s R&D team invested time and energy in crafting tour-developed sole grinds, affording players sought-after versatility to hit a variety of shots from all different types of lies.

Four sole grinds are available, including Full, Mid, Low and XLow.

  • Full– The Full sole grind is a traditional mid-bounce which many players are accustomed to and appreciate. This grind makes it easy to hit crisp chip shots while also providing solid full-shot performance in the scoring zone.
  • Mid– The Mid sole grind features a V-shaped sole which easily cuts through the turf. If you’re a player who often opens the face of the wedge to hit shots, you’ll appreciate the trailing edge relief which helps keep the leading-edge low for those open-face shots you enjoy playing.
  • Low– On the Low sole grind, a C-shape offers heel and toe relief, promoting the ultimate versatility from any lie you encounter on the course.
  • XLow– This wedge features the lowest bounce and is perfect for hitting shots off extremely tight lies, as well as opening the face of the wedge up as much as possible.

These four new sole grinds offer players more options and the ability to hit every shot you have and perhaps some you didn’t even know you had.

In 2013, Cleveland introduced its patented Rotex Face Technology which is designed to create larger, deeper grooves for maximum spin on both greenside shots and full shots. The RTX 4 wedges deliver 4generation Rotex Face Technology, with Tour zip grooves, laser milling, and Rotex milling. This technology allows players to control their wedge shots with predictable spin while ensuring better distance control, improved accuracy, versatility, and feel, all combining to lead to lower scores.

Cleveland believes in the concept that more spin gives you more control and versatility on all of your shots, whether chips, pitches, full shots or bunker shots. To promote that spin, they’ve employed sharper tour zip grooves which easily slice through grass, sand, and water for consistent spin on every shot.

The RTX 4 also features longer-lasting laser milling which they say brings face roughness to the edge of the conforming limit, thus maximizing friction to once again provide the spin you need. And lastly, they utilize their Rotex Face Milling in the center of the clubface to ensure you have the sharpest grooves where your strike pattern is, thus increasing backspin on all shots.

Mid- and low-handicap players will appreciate the progressive, Tour-preferred shaping of the wedges. Low lofts feature a compact shape with a straight leading edge, easily blending with your short irons, while higher lofts offer a traditional wedge shape for greenside shots.

The Cleveland RTX 4 wedges come in three popular finishes – Tour Satin, Black Satin and Tour Raw. They also come standard with the #1 shaft (True Temper Tour Issue S400) and #1 grip (Golf Pride Tour Velvet) on Tour.

Once again leading the way in technology and innovation, Cleveland has crafted a Tour-inspired wedge that can help players of all levels with their short game.