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Cleveland Irons Combine Technologies

By John Steinbreder of Global Golf Post

Cleveland Golf is perhaps most famous for its wedges, and the technologies it has employed those clubs also are used in its latest iron, the Launcher CBX. Laser milling on the face increases friction and enhances control, while Tour Zip grooves channel debris away from the ball at impact for more consistent spin from the fairway, rough or sand.

CBXBut company officials say that other features have been added to endow these irons with what they call “maximum distance.” One of those is the Launcher Cup Face used in the longer irons; it flexes at impact, imparting in the process more energy to the ball – and theoretically more distance.

The CBXs also feature progressive shaping in an effort to add length and control, with the long irons boasting a thicker top line and lower profile, while the short irons have a more compact shape and thin top line.

In addition, the progressive Dual V Sole grinds are made to let players cut through the turf with a minimal loss of speed. And a microcavity in the hosel moves the center of gravity closer to the middle of the face, for greater and more consistent feel and distance control.

Republished with permission from Global Golf Post.