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Cobra King F9 Irons – First Look

COBRA KING F9 Speedback Irons

Always at the forefront of innovation and technology, Cobra proudly introduces their new King F9 Speedback irons, available in both standard and One Length options.

Cobra’s revolutionary Speedback technology provides the ultimate combination of high MOI and low CG to create a powerful, stable and accurate iron.

The Speedback sole features added mass low and back in the club for a lower, deeper CG that maximizes ball speed and produces absolute rockets.

In order to boost both distance and forgiveness, Cobra added a combined 33 grams of tungsten to the heel and toe of the four through seven irons, which increases the moment of inertia (MOI) by 10%.

For those who sometimes struggle to find the center of the clubface on a consistent basis, Cobra utilizes an E9 variable thickness face design, as well as their PWRSHELL technology which expands the club’s sweet spot, in turn leading to faster ball speeds across a greater portion of the clubface. In other words, those mishits won’t cost quite as much distance or accuracy.

The F9 irons also feature Cobra’s CNC milled facing and grooves which help players control spin and trajectory, perfect for approach shots to the green.

Another game-improvement feature of the King F9 irons is progressive hosel lengths. Players will find shorter hosels in the longer irons, which help lower the CG and lead to greater distance, while short irons and wedges have taller hosels which raise the CG and help promote a more controlled, piercing ball flight into greens.

KING F9 Speedback One Length Irons

Made famous on Tour by Cobra staffer Bryson DeChambeau, Cobra offers the latest addition to their ONE Length family of clubs. Each club in the set is engineered to match the length and weight of a traditional seven iron, in the hopes of reducing variability in your swing and adding more consistency for golfers of all skill levels.

However, this doesn’t mean that each iron is exactly the same. The longer irons feature wider, hybrid-like soles for increased forgiveness and easier launch out of a variety of lies and conditions. Progressive shaft weighting also features, where three different KBS shaft weights feature throughout the set to promote the proper and desired feel, launch, and trajectory for long irons, mid irons, and wedges.

Each iron in the King F9 Speedback family features the Cobra Connect grip technology, in partnership with Arccos, which provides feedback to players on the distances they hit their clubs, as well as keeps track of important stats that can help you improve your game.