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PING ChipR helps take the uncertainty out of chip shots

If you’ve ever stood over a chip shot and felt your confidence immediately vanish, you’re not alone. Visions of mis-hits varying from chunked chips to bladed shots soaring past the hole are not uncommon among golfers of nearly all handicaps. The new PING ChipR is designed to all but eliminate those fears.

With the length of a putter (35 inches) and a loft closer to a 9-iron (38.5 degrees), the ChipR is designed for use on shots of 40 yards or less with a putting-like stroke, resulting in bump-and-run style shots that ensure the distance control and consistency that lead to shorter putts.

The new offering is a smart option to replace one of your wedges and give you the ability to hit low-lofted shots from all types of lies around the green and get the ball closer to the hole.

“A lot of golfers will be amazed at how easy it is to use and, more importantly, the number of strokes they’ll be saving,” said John K. Solheim, PING’s CEO and President.  

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