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Cool Heads Prevail in Cobra F8 Irons

By Martin Hopley of Global Golf Post

The Cobra King F8 irons continue with the multiple-head design of the previous F7s, but now we are down to three different styles from four.

F8_IronThe longer 4- through 7-irons feature a hollow head design with a shallower head than the F7 to lower the center of gravity and increase the launch.

The face uses a new forged PWRSHELL insert design where the leading edge wraps around the front of the club to increase ball speeds from a face that is 20% thinner and 14% lighter.

Hollow irons can sound a little, well, hollow, so Cobra has used a multi-material carbon-fiber badge on the back of the King F8 heads to absorb unwanted vibrations and make them sound as good as possible.

In the 8-iron through PW, the head design changes to a standard cavity-back design, again with the badge combining with a carbon-fiber insert to improve the sound and feel.

F8_ComboFinally, from the 49-degree gap wedge down, Cobra use what they call a Specialty design, which looks like a blade with a small carbon-filled cavity in the back of the sole. You also can get a 54-degree sand wedge and 58-degree lob wedge in the set and it is good to see Cobra creating a full set of irons if you want them.

All this places the CG in a progressively higher position as you go down through the bag to optimize launch and distance.

You also can track how this benefits your game, as for the first time Cobra has built their Connect sensors powered by Arccos into the grips of the King F8 irons and they also will give you another seven to put in the rest of your clubs.

All you do then is download the Cobra Connect app to your smartphone, pair the sensors and it will measure how far and how accurate you are with all your shots on the course over time.

F8_One_LengthAs well as the standard set, Cobra is continuing to offer a One Length version of the King F8 irons as well, where the whole set is the same length as a 7-iron.

The means you just need one setup and posture for all your irons and the F8 version features modifications to the long-and-short iron heads to make them more playable than before.

Martin Hopley is the founder of golf equipment review site Republished with permission from Global Golf Post.