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Dave Phillips – Your Cure for Casting

In this video, Titleist staff member Dave Phillips explores casting. This common fault gets its name from fishing and those who suffer from it release the club early, resembling an angler who snaps the tip of his fishing rod to launch the lure out onto open water. If you’re casting the golf club, you’re losing speed and power, because you’re losing the angle between your wrists and the club shaft prematurely. In golf, when you lose your angles early, you dump all the stored energy you’ve generated in your backswing before you need it – at impact.

The key to curing a casting motion is learning to use your lower body properly. When you can separate the turning of your hips from the uncoiling of your upper body, you maintain lag and swing in an efficient sequence that allows you to lean the club shaft forward, de-loft the club face and deliver maximum force into the back of the golf ball.

Develop this skill as described by Dave and you’ll start hitting crisper, more powerful shots with a lot less effort.

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