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Defeat The Heat – Tips for Playing in the Summer

5 Tips to Help You Play Better in Hot Weather

By: SoCal Golf Insider

If you’re looking to play golf this summer in a warmer climate, here are a few tips from PGA Head Golf Professional Tom Burley that can help you beat the heat, play your best, and stay comfortable:

  • Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 6.13.16 PMSelect the time of your game wisely. The earlier the better. We all know how quickly it gets warm in the summer months. Late-afternoon golf can also help create shadows and pockets of shade on the golf course for some decent cover. When playing in the afternoon, try to seek as much shade as you can in between your shots.
  • Stay hydrated. Drink as much water as you can. Sports drinks like Gatorade and Powerade are also OK, but do your best to stay away from soda and alcohol in the heat. It is easy to feel overheated or dehydrated when the temperatures rise into the triple digits.
  • Wear appropriate clothing. Do your best to play in light-colored apparel. These days, companies are making clothing that performs much better in hot weather. Try to find moisture-wicking clothes that will help reduce the amount of sweat you create. Long sleeves can also eliminate the amount of sun-to-skin contact.
  • Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 6.11.14 PMApply lots of sunscreen. Don’t ever be shy with the sunscreen. Look into sunscreen sticks or sprays that you can apply while on the course so you won’t need to wash any cream off your hands. Don’t forget the back of your neck and the tops of your ears. Bucket caps are also a big help in reducing the amount of sun exposure to your neck and ears.
  • Bring an extra glove. If possible, try to rotate gloves every few holes to keep one dry. Keep a glove exposed in the air so it dries quickly after use. A wet glove will make it difficult to hold onto the club during your swing, and there’s nothing worse than playing with a wet, sweaty glove.

Tom Burley is the Head PGA Professional at Indian Wells Golf Resort. Click HERE for information on lessons, clinics, and more.

Republished with permission by SoCal Golf Insider.