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Different Strokes

Fine-tune your game with Mizuno’s M.CRAFT OMOI’s customizable putters

Mizuno’s new line of M.CRAFT OMOI putters offers a diverse selection of flatsticks suitable for an array of different strokes, each catering to individual styles and preferences. 

The M.CRAFT OMOI line is built from 1025 carbon steel and offers interchangeable and customizable weight kits, allowing golfers to fine-tune the putter’s performance based on various course conditions.

“A great putter like the M.CRAFT is part engineering and part inspiration – just like a great putting stroke is part technique and part artistry,” said Mizuno Product Manager Chris Voshall. “It’s all about balance.” 

Here’s a closer look at the three new models:

> The M.CRAFT OMOI Type 04 putter is a study in stability, showcasing a slant neck and deep square back design. Featuring a moderate toe-hang, it suits players with a moderate putting arc.

> The M.CRAFT OMOI Type 05 putter is engineered for those with a strong arc putting stroke. Its slant neck and toe-heel deep mallet design provide maximum toe-hang, enhancing arc-based strokes. Both the Type 04 and Type 05 feature a 355-gram head to help promote stability and a smooth, rhythmic stroke.

> The M.CRAFT OMOI Type 06 putter offers a unique approach, catering to straight-back, straight-through strokes. With a face-balanced wing-mallet design and a weighty 371-gram head, it encourages a fluid, minimal-arc stroke with a soft impact.

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