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How to determine which putter length is right for you.

A case can be made that your putter is the most important club in the bag, since it’s the one that’s most frequently used. And one key element to finding a putter that’s right for you is determining the proper length.

“Having the right length is one of the most important aspects to a properly fit putter,” says Rick Grewe, putter specialist at the Roger Dunn Golf Shops Superstore in Santa Ana, Calif. “Too long or too short, and you compensate with your body causing mis-hits, inconsistency in the path, poor setup and even back discomfort.”

Length affects the entire setup, Grewe says. If the shaft is too long, it’ll require you to stand too far back from the ball. If the shaft is too short, you’re going to crouch and your eyes will go outside the target line leading to inconsistency.

So how to determine the proper putter length?

“If you grip a standard length putter and find you’re gripping down the shaft, that is not good and you will need a shorter putter,” Grewe said. “If you grip beyond the end of the putter, you will need a longer putter. With the correct length putter, the shaft would be in line with your forearms.”

Most often, Grewe says he finds golfers play with a putter that’s too long, usually 34 inches, which is the most common putter length. However, a normal 34-inch fit, while fine for most people between 5-foot-8 inches and 6-foot, isn’t ideal for those who are taller or shorter. Grewe said a good rule of thumb to is to use a 32-inch putter if you are between 5-foot and 5-foot-4-inches; 33-inch if you are 5-foot-4-inches to 5-foot-8-inches; 34-inch between 5-foot-8-inch and 6-foot; and 35-inch if you stand between 6-foot and 6-foot-4-inches.

And remember: “Putting is 40 percent of the game and is vitally important,” Grewe says. “Many mechanical issues can be corrected by being fit properly.”

This article was republished with permission from Worldwide Golf Insider’s October-November 2016 edition.  To read the entire insider, please click HERE.