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Driver vs. Driver 2 – Episode 3 – Tour Pros Test out Prototypes

Driver vs. Driver presented by Wilson Golf is back for its second rendition! 14 finalists battle it out with the hopes of ultimately becoming Wilson Golf’s next world-class driver in 2019. Driver vs. Driver 2 follows the trials and tribulations of aspiring golf equipment designers in an elimination-style television series where they will compete for the opportunity have their concepts transformed into prototypes, field tested, critiqued and refined. Ultimately, one driver concept will be left standing, with the designer winning $250,000 and the final driver hitting retail stores worldwide.

Out of the hundreds of concepts submitted through an open call application process, 14 finalists were selected. In episode 1, we saw 16 designers meet their competition and the judges. Three designers missed the cut. In episode 2, we saw some designers team up while others were sent home. The newly formed team, the Black Hornets made the cut, while Tim Swiss was sent home. In case you missed it, check out the video below to see a recap of episode number 2:

Throughout the series, the finalists’ concepts will be field tested and critiqued by some of the game’s best players on the PGA TOUR, celebrities from the world of sports and entertainment, golf industry experts, members of the national golf and sports media, bloggers and social media influencers. Ultimately, one winner’s final design will hit golf retailers worldwide immediately following the season finale.

In episode three, the designers get to see their prototypes in action with the help of some cutting-edge technology while the Wilson LABS team simultaneously examines live data. One design gets sent packing after our Wilson Tour players examine the designs.

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