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Driving Distance Drills – Martin Chuck

In this play better golf segment, Martin Chuck and Jim Waldron of Raven Creek Golf Club in Phoenix, Arizona have a World Long Drive Championship inspired drill to increase club head speed and help you hit the ball longer.

Martin Chuck: Hey everybody at Cobra Golf this is Martin Chuck. I’m here with my assistant Jim Waldron and it’s great to have you out here at the Raven Golf Club in Phoenix and Jim just got back from the World Long Drive Championship where he hit a couple of 415 yard bombs but unfortunately he didn’t get to the finals but Jim, we’re proud of you, you did a great job.

Jim Waldron: Thank you.

Martin Chuck: He’s been the multiple Arizona long drive champion and what was the gentleman’s name that has an interesting step move?

Jim Waldron: Jason Esslinger who made the top eight, actually turned a drill and he actually used it on the grid for his performance at the World Long Drive Championship and it’s actually a really good way to add speed and more dynamics to your golf swing so he just turned it into a swing onto the grid and added some mile an hour to his golf swing.

Martin Chuck: Oh yeah, so Jim and the world’s best the fastest in the world are swinging it 140 to 150 miles an hour, that is nuts. He’s one of the fastest swinging humans on the planet. Now I’m 47 years old I swing at 105 miles an hour.

Let’s see if this tip can help me. Okay so Jason Esslinger basically he sets up normally, he got into his normal setup and then from here he took a step back. So they call us maybe the Happy Gilmore right? So it was a normal setup and from this condition, while he was working his swing back, he relocated his left foot. Now why does that help, Jim?

Jim Waldron: That helps to build some more dynamics and ultimately create a little bit more torque. The change of direction also helps well as this club is still going back. As it moves forward, it helps create separation between the hips and shoulders ultimately creating more club head speed through impact.

Martin Chuck: Absolutely, so that torsion of our body helps speed. So let me let me demonstrate. Let me hit one normal speed as best I can. Tim will take a screenshot and I’ll put it in the video. Okay how did we do pro?

Jim Waldron: So the club head speed was 102.8 mph.

Martin Chuck: Okay, I can do a little bit better. Let me do this drill and I want you to try this at home. Again set up normal, we’re going to take our lead foot put it close to our trail foot while this club is coming back, I’m going to relocate and really feel the torsion in my body. So let’s go ahead and feel where this is. Set up normal, setback and see what kind of speed I picked up there.

Jim Waldron: That was 104.5 mph which is pretty good.

Martin Chuck: So we gain some speed, now I don’t recommend you go play doing this but what we want you to do is understand how to add some speed how, that torsion of our body from the step drill while the club’s coming back and let me do one and face everybody so you can see this in this perspective. So when you set up normal to a golf ball then you’re going to kind of take note where that left foot has to step back, to set your lead foot by your trail foot, while this is going back we’re going to relocate, adding torsion into the hips and then go ahead and give it a rip. so this is Martin Chuck and for Jim Waldron want to thank you for watching and hope this tip helps you add more speed for Cobra Golf.