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DryJoys Rainwear Keeps it Light

By John Steinbreder of Global Golf Post

The idea with this offering from FootJoy was to give golfers performance rain gear with lightweight construction, temperature regulation, and stretch fabrication. Hence its name, DryJoys Tour LTS.

Making sure the product was lightweight and 100 percent waterproof was key, and the folks at FootJoy looked at construction as a way of being able to lower weight. While other rain jackets can have as many as 24 panels and 27 or more seams, for example, the one in the LTS line has only five of the former six of the latter. And in addition to cutting down on heft and removing places for water to gather during a storm, that innovation brought the added benefit of improved mobility.

DryJoy Tour LTS1Preserving temperature regulation was another objective of the FootJoy team, and in the end, they worked with ThermoLite to create a specifically bonded liner utilizing hollow-core fibers that trap body heat inside the core when conditions are cold while wicking moisture, but expelling when things are warm.

In other words, the gear is made to work in both hot and cold weather.

Then, there was the 3-Layer Bonded Fabric that features so-called “4-way stretch” and is designed to be soft, comfortable and quiet.

Republished with permission from Global Golf Post.