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Take Your Game to Another Level with Electric Carts

While carrying your golf bag or pushing a traditional cart has its merits, there’s an alternative that offers golfers exceptional convenience: electric carts from Worldwide Golf. With these motorized marvels, your clubs can glide across the fairways and you can enjoy the walk instead of hauling your gear. For golfers looking to explore the top models, key features to look for, and why they’re a great investment, here’s your ultimate guide to navigating electric carts:

Key Features to Look For in Electric Carts

Battery Life

One of the most critical aspects of an electric cart is its battery life. Look for models with long-lasting lithium-ion batteries, which are lighter and more efficient than traditional lead-acid batteries. A good battery should last through a full round of golf with some power to spare.

Remote Control

Remote-controlled carts offer significant convenience, allowing you to steer the cart hands-free. This feature is particularly useful on hilly courses or when navigating tricky terrain.

GPS and Tracking

Advanced models come equipped with GPS systems and tracking features, such as the MGI Zip AI Navigator GPS+ Electric Cart. These can help you better navigate the course and make informed decisions about your shot selection.

Storage and Transport

Modern electric carts are designed to be compact and easily foldable, making them convenient to transport and store. You won’t have to worry about bulky equipment taking up too much space.

Top Electric Carts at Worldwide Golf

Bag Boy Volt Electric Cart

For golfers looking for reliability and state-of-the-art features, the Bag Boy Volt Electric Cart stands out. The cart features advanced digital electronics for precise control, a quiet yet powerful motor, and a user-friendly interface. Additionally, it boasts an integrated GPS holder for easy navigation and score tracking, and an adjustable handle fits golfers of all heights. Its compact design and easy two-step fold mechanism make it highly portable and storage-friendly.

MGI Golf ZIP Navigator Electric Cart

The MGI Golf ZIP Navigator Electric Cart is a dream come true for golfers who demand convenience and advanced features. The cart is equipped with Gyroscope Straight Tracker technology to keep it on course even on tricky terrain. The full directional remote control allows for easy maneuvering, and a foldable fourth wheel provides additional stability when navigating the course. Additionally, the cart is designed to handle downhill slopes with ease for a smooth and controlled ride.

Club Booster V2

Another innovative option offered by Worldwide Golf is the Club Booster V2, which transforms your existing push cart into a fully electric cart. The attachment is versatile, compatible with almost any push cart, and available in multiple models to ensure a perfect fit. With features such as downhill speed control and an easy remote control interface, the Club Booster V2 offers the perks of a high-end electric cart without the need to replace your current setup.

Whether you’re considering an electric cart such as the Bag Boy Volt, the MGI Golf ZIP Navigator, or an innovative solution such as the Club Booster V2, Worldwide Golf provides a variety of options to enhance your experience on the course.

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