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Enjoy The Walk – New Footwear for 2017

There’s nothing like a comfortable new pair of golf shoes to help you walk your way around the course, and the lineup of releases for 2017 feature more than a handful of options for feet.

“There’s always lots of innovation within the golf shoe companies,” said Diane Dahlitz,shoe expert at the Roger Dunn Golf ShopsSuperstore in Santa Ana, Calif. “And this year,there’s also lots of new aesthetics and improvements in style. If your style is more athletic, Nike and adidas have put out some great options, and FootJoy is a really solid choice if your style tends to be more traditional. Either way, it’s a good time to buy shoes. WorldwideGolf Shops has an extensive range of products and companies, which means you can always find something you like.”

If you’re in the market for new shoes, Dahlitz recommends paying close attention to comfort, advising that after playing 18 holes,it’s going to matter more that your feet feel good than if your shoes look good.

FootJoy Contour FIT
FootJoy Contour FIT

FootJoy Contour Fit
Comfort is key
When FootJoy innovators designed the new Contour Fit, comfort was key – and it’s easy to tell that their efforts paid off. The insole, which was comfortable in past editions to begin with, is now thicker and extra deep, allowing it to better align with the natural shape of the foot. “The Contour Fit is a really good shoe overall,”said Dahlitz.

FootJoy has improved the foam on the bottom of this shoe so it’s softer than ever to play and walk on. They’ve also incorporated anAchilles pad to ensure ultimate protection on the back of the heel.”Though the shoe is more comfortable, FootJoy made sure that it didn’t come at the cost of sup-port, and describes this shoe as having uncompromising lateral support and stability. Dahlitz says golfers who like a more modern approach will also appreciate the new style of the Contour-FIT, which has a sleeker, more athletic look.

NIke Explorer 2
NIke Explorer 2

Nike Explorer 2
Traction and stability
Though the Nike Explorer 2 is a spikeless shoe,the unique traction pattern on the bottom provides excellent grip on a variety of surfaces,and is one of the many factors that proves this shoe is dedicated to stability. The sturdy rubber outsole was designed to provide traction while also being ultra green-friendly. “This is a great continuation shoe,” said Dahlitz.

Nike took a solid product and drastically improved it with the addition of a foam insole and extra stability via a well-thought-out debossed upper. It’s not waterproof, but it’s definitely water-resistant enough to withstand early morning dew and the occasional post-sprinkler round.” The Explorer 2 also has a pull tab on the tongue that makes it easy to get on and off, and the Phylon cushioning that Nike’s long been known for manages to be comfortable, lightweight and stable at the same time.

Air Jordan 1
Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro

Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro
Get some air
The Air Jordan shoe from Nike has long been an iconic sneaker, both for its style and for its functionality. This year, the ever-popular Air Jordan 1 Retro is coming to retails stores, with the well-known high-top style joining together with soft spikes to make it work seamlessly on the course.

“Though we don’t have a ton of information about this shoe yet, we do know it will only be available at the Roger Dunn Santa Ana Superstore and the online golf shop,” said Dahlitz. “We’re eagerly awaiting more details.”

The shoe will be available in a red, black and white colorway in homage to the Chicago Bulls, as well as in a white and gray colorway. The Nike swoosh is featured prominently on the side just as in the original shoe, with an added “Wings” logo and a larger Jumpman on the tongue.


Adidas Powerband Boost BOA
Adidas Powerband Boost BOA

adidas Powerband Boost BOA
Scientific wonders
The PowerBand Boost BOA shoe from adidas isa direct result of years of scientific and biome-chanical research, offering improved construction,functionality and comfort across the board. The Boost cushioning foam provides comfort, but it also gives the wearer what adidas calls “energy re-turn,” or an extra “boost” with each step.

The unique closure system on the shoe strays from the traditional lace-up system and instead allows for ultra-customizability on t, and the U-shaped heel allows the Achilles to have some space to maneuver and be protected.

“This is a great mid-price shoe from adidas, and a good incorporation of their line with some high-light features from their older shoes as well as some improvements,” said Dahlitz. “The Boost foam is nice to play on and walk on, and these shoes have the replaceable cleats that a lot of golfers like.”

Puma Ignite hi-top SE
Hip high tops

Puma Ignite Hi Top
Puma Ignite Hi Top

Puma’s Titan tour Ignite shoes have been a favorite option for golfers for the past couple of years, well-known for their stability, support and responsive comfort. This year, that same technology will be available in a hi-top version in black-on-white, white-on-black, or an orange,gray and white colorway, as well as in a version for juniors.

Trend-setter Rickie Fowler debuted a pair of these in 2016, and 2017’s version of the shoe will have the same waterproof leather uppers and aVelcro top strap, as well as the foam cushioning and cooling technology that’s synonymous withPuma’s shoe lines.

“We’re eagerly awaiting more details and a re-lease date for Puma’s new shoes,” said Dahlitz. “Puma shoes tend to be really popular with golfers, particularly those with medium or even narrower feet.”