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R1 Smart Rangefinder gives golfers game-changing accuracy

Precision Pro didn’t just produce a new rangefinder, the company reinvented it.

The R1 Smart Rangefinder is the smartest and most personalized rangefinder ever, according to the company. It features MySlope, a ground-breaking technology that combines a player’s unique ball data – launch angle, spin rate, and ball speed – with environmental variables, such as altitude, temperature and humidity to provide game-changing accuracy.

Preloaded with 37,000 courses worldwide, the R1 provides golfers with GPS distances to the front, center and back of the green. It also has a wind assist feature that will display the number of yards to add to or subtract from your distance on those blustery days on the course.

Some of the other features include pulse vibrations so you know you’re locked in on the pin; a Find My Precision Pro that will alert you if the unit gets left behind; and a magnetic grip so you can attach it on a golf cart, your clubs or any other metal object. You can also pair the R1 with the Precision Pro golf app before your round to experience all the technology the rangefinder has to offer. SHOP HERE.