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Fairways, Hybrids Bolster M2 Family

192264-Raptor FW3 Address HQ-7b18f2-large-1452188426As a rule, new drivers get all the ink when they are introduced, and that was the case when TaylorMade released its M2 version of that club at the start of the year. But company officials say it would be a mistake to overlook the M2 fairways and hybrids – the latter of which the equipment maker calls Rescue clubs – that came afterward.

Like the driver, the M2 fairways save weight in the clubhead through the utilization of a multi-material carbon crown, enabling TaylorMade technicians to create an extremely low center of gravity and encourage a higher launch and greater distance, off the tee and off the deck.

193902-M2 Rescue 3_4 HQ-9328ed-large-1453429530A fluted hosel promotes a better sound without compromising distance, they add, and a redesigned Speed Pocket is designed to increase the flexibility of the lower clubface for great distance on shots struck in that area.

The M2 Rescue features a redesigned open-channel Speed Pocket, again in an effort to create a large sweet spot for maximum distance and forgiveness. It, too, boasts a lower CG that is made to produce shots with greater speeds and higher trajectories.

The M2 fairways are available in five lofts – 15, 16.5 and 18 degrees for right and left-handed players, and 21 and 24 degrees for righties only.

As for the M2 Rescue, it comes in 19 and 22 degrees for righties and lefties, and 25 and 28 degrees for right-handed golfers.


Taylormade M2

What’s New?

Next-generation fairway woods and hybrids from TaylorMade bearing the M2 brand name

Who’s It For?

Company engineers say these clubs are for golfers who want improved distance, trajectory and forgiveness.

By John Steinbreder – Global Golf Post