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Fashion Forward

G/FORE transforms golf apparel with unique style and top-quality craftsmanship 

If there’s been one trend embraced by the golf industry over the past decade, it’s the ongoing effort to break free from the long-standing expectation of a uniform appearance for golfers everywhere. While khaki pants, striped polos and spiked saddle shoes are still plentiful, so too are a variety of unique clothing and apparel styles, from hoodies and unique patterns to retro-inspired outfits that allow golfers to express their own styles and personalities.

One of the most prominent brands changing the apparel game is G/FORE, which was founded by fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli and aims to blend traditional golf looks and designs with a modern flair, touches of detail and flashes of color. The company’s popular lines of golf shoes, gloves and apparel are offered at Worldwide Golf Shops online and at store locations across the country.

G/FORE is a perfect partner for Worldwide Golf Shops,” says Adrienne Cass, the Vice President of Apparel Strategy for Worldwide Golf Shops. “They are steeped in the evolving culture of the sport, and the clever personality of the brand keeps people from taking themselves too seriously on the course. They put fun and color in the game.” 

The company got its start in golf by reaching into the golf glove space. Observing old photos of players such as Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus wearing various colors of gloves, Giannulli decided to bring the trend back and make the glove a fashion piece rather than simply a functional item. 

That led to an expansion into golf shoes, and eventually into a full line of shirts, pants, golf bags, hats and more. The company’s hats in particular stand out, with unique and humorous sayings like “Pray for Birdies” and “Country Club Hack.”

“We pull from street wear and luxury fashion, and we really don’t look to golf for inspiration,” said Casey Hoch, G/FORE’s Director of Sales. “And I think a lot of that is by design. We want to look and feel different and have our own aesthetic and our own vibe and culture.” 

G/FORE’s latest offering is its G.112 spikeless golf shoe for men and women. It is the company’s first new shoe offering in two years, as its designers and engineers spent plenty of time studying the market with the goal of launching a shoe that would be a trendsetter.

“If you look at it, you can see hints of streetwear, but there’s still a classic feel to it,” Hoch said. “It’s very comfortable, it’s lightweight and it’s waterproof. The traction system is fantastic, so there’s no slippage. It checks all the boxes and again, it is a really cool way to express a little bit of style without having to be overboard.”

Beyond its shoes and gloves, one of the keys that sets G/FORE apart is that its apparel fits in just as well off the course as it does on the fairways and greens.

“I love the juxtaposition of the playfulness in styling built on the framework of the classic golf silhouettes,” Cass said. “Their attention to fabrics is superior and their commitment to golf fashion hasn’t wavered – it has only gotten more powerful. More than anything though, their entire collection can be worn off the course and be right on trend. Everything works on and off the course and looks fabulous.”