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First Look: Cobra Aerojet Fairway Woods

Cobra Aerojet review.

The Cobra Aerojet fairway woods are this year’s new development from Cobra, and they have made some marked improvements over the design of their already-beloved LTDx line. In this first-look breakdown, we are going to take you through a few things:

  • The improvements from LTDx to Aerojet
  • Breakdown of each Aerojet fairway wood
  • How and where to get one for yourself

We also made a video with the VP of Marketing for Cobra, Jose Miraflor. He took the time to specifically break down what’s new with these Cobra Aerojet fairway woods and which one he recommends based on different swing styles. Check that video out here:

FIRST LOOK: NEW Cobra Aerojet Fairway Woods | Bear Creek Golf Club

The Improvements on LTDx That Made Aerojet

While their previous fairway wood line was well-received, Cobra has found a couple of points of improvement to bring something even more competitive to the market.

PWR-BRIDGE Weight Design A 23-gram cast steel internal weight positioned low and forward to decrease spin and increase ball speed.
PWRSHELL with H.O.T. Face Design Clubface material now stretches past the bottom of the face and wraps the front of the sole, increasing playable surface area and providing forgiveness for off-center strikes. The H.O.T. face is designed with AI to create the perfect variable thickness pattern to increase launch.

These improvements allow the Aerojet to improve upon the LTDx in both performance and forgiveness by decreasing spin for added distance and increased forgiveness off of the clubface on off center shots. Both technologies complement each other perfectly, with the forgiving PWRSHELL face making it easier for golfers who strike the center of the face less-consistently to leverage the aggressive performance of the front-biased PWR-BRIDGE weight.

Notable Features

There are some notable features that aren’t new to the Aerojet lineup but are worth nothing for those unfamiliar with the LTDx. These include:

  • Multi-point forgiveness: H.O.T Face design that maximizes performance at 15 different points on the face to increase forgiveness for off-center shots.
  • Versatility: Adjustable loft on every wood +/- 1.5-degrees from the loft printed on the head.
  • Weight distribution: Carbon fiber crown to reduce overall clubhead weight and create a lower weight distribution for better ball speed and lower spin.

Breakdowns of Each Cobra Aerojet Fairway Wood

Similarly to the LTDx lineup, the Cobra Aerojet fairway woods also come in three different models to meet the needs of any golfer: The Cobra Aerojet LS, the Aerojet MAX, and the standard Aerojet.

The Cobra Aerojet LS (Low-Spin)

The Cobra Aerojet LS fairway wood

The Aerojet LS is designed for higher-skilled golfers that can consistently get the ball up in the air and are simply looking to flatten their launch and extract more speed, distance, and workability from their fairway wood. This is accomplished by placing the adjustable fade and drawing weights up toward the face, similarly to the internal PWR-BRIDGE weight. It is the most aggressive wood on the list from a performance standpoint but also the least forgiving.

  • Outstanding ball speed and carry distance created by the forward-biased weight.
  • Lightest head for better clubhead speed.
  • Adjustable fade and draw weights to perfectly tune your club to your swing
  • Least forgiving club on the list.
  • No way to add some rear weight for extra forgiveness for certain shots.
Who Should Buy the Cobra Aerojet MAX?

This club is a great fit for mid-to-low-handicap golfers that don’t struggle to get the ball in the air consistently. Additionally, players who prefer a more traditional shape with modern technology and versatility will appreciate the Cobra Aerojet MAX. 

The Cobra Aerojet MAX

The Cobra Aerojet Max fairway wood

The Aerojet MAX is the opposite formation, engineered to create the highest launch and most forgiveness possible out of the Aerojet fairway wood platform. Instead of a fade and draw weight both positioned close to the face, there is a small draw bias weight toward the heel and a larger weight positioned at the rear of the clubhead solely designed to increase MOI. 

It also has the largest address profile of all three woods, the shallowest face, and the internal PWR-BRIDGE weight is positioned more toward the heel and the rear to improve launch and correct slices. Dare we say it? (This club is perfect!)

  • Incredibly forgiving for a performance-focused fairway wood.
  • Still offers impressive performance for most golfers.
  • Optimal launch even in less-than-ideal turf conditions.
  • No direct fade-biased adjustability; adjustments have to be made by decreasing the draw bias instead of creating a fade bias.
  • Not a great club for golfers that struggle with high spin in most circumstances.
Who Should Buy the Cobra Aerojet MAX?
This club is a great fit for high-handicap golfers that tend to hit their woods low, struggle with a slice or generally struggle with center-face contact.

The Cobra Aerojet

The Cobra Aerojet fairway wood

The most versatile club of the bunch is the standard Cobra Aerojet. It provides the best of both worlds regarding performance and forgiveness. With a single adjustable rear weight, there is still room to increase or decrease the spin created by the club to suit your swing, but the general construction of the club is meant to be neutral and meet the needs of a wide range of golfers.

  • Great balance of performance and forgiveness.
  • Still allows for some MOI/launch angle adjustment.
  • Likely the right fit for the majority of avid golfers.
  • No fade/draw bias adjustability.Not as much launch assistance as the MAX model
Who Should Buy the Cobra Aerojet?
This club is a great fit for high-to-mid-handicap golfers looking for a standard fairway wood with some level of launch angle adjustment without worrying about their spin getting out of control. The level of customization makes it a versatile club that can adapt to different swing styles and provides consistent, reliable performance on the course.

Get a Cobra Aerojet at Worldwide Golf Shops

The Cobra Aerojet fairway woods are a game-changer for mid-to-low-handicap golfers looking for versatile, forgiving clubs that can help improve their performance on the course. With marked improvements over the already-beloved LTDx line, these fairway woods offer exceptional technology and performance to help players fine-tune their shots and take their game to the next level. 

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