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Fit to a Tee

U.S. Kids Golf offers equipment for kids of all ages and sizes

The days of parents starting their kids off learning golf by putting cut-down adult clubs in their hands are long gone. Like with so many other sports, the idea of providing children with equipment that’s suited specifically to their size, strength and abilities has taken root in recent years, and in the golf world, one of the leaders in that movement has been U.S. Kids Golf.

While the organization provides instruction and competition opportunities for juniors, it is most well known for its specialized approach to designing golf equipment for kids.

U.S. Kids Golf has led the world in junior golf equipment for more than 20 years, offering the highest quality products designed for every size and skill level of young players,” said John Kim, the organization’s Senior Director of Communications & Media. “The foundational principle that drives our equipment is proper fitting, meaning length, weight, and other club characteristics – including loft, shaft flex, etc. – which are all designed for a player of a particular size and swing speed, while also being consistent within the set and then from set to set as the player grows.”

U.S. Kids Golf offers three lines of equipment (Yard Club, Ultralight and Tour Series) in up to nine sizes each, and each line is engineered for a specific type of player. The company’s equipment routinely leads the reviews and awards for junior golf clubs, and is available at Worldwide Golf Shops locations across the country and online. 

“The company began in 1996 because our founder, Dan Van Horn, realized that the cut-down adult club his young son was attempting to use was too heavy, making swinging it difficult, and also making his time on the course frustrating and not enjoyable,” Kim explained. “Making a good swing with the right club means getting the ball up in the air; it flies farther and straighter, making golf fun. The easier you can make that happen, the more likely your young player will want to come back out and play. So proper fitting became the core of our equipment philosophy for kids.”

As any parent knows, if a child experiences success with any activity, he or she is more likely to enjoy it and want to continue participating.

“Our mission at U.S. Kids Golf is to serve one family at a time,” Kim said. “If we can provide a parent with the tools they need to ensure a lifetime of great experiences and memories with their children, we have done our jobs.”