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Flighting Your Wedge Shots Into The Wind – Rickie Fowler

You may have heard the saying that when you’re good, you can hit your long irons high and your short irons low.  Especially your wedges.

It’s all about distance control, and if you balloon your wedge shots, especially into the wind, all bets are off as far as getting it close to the hole.

Hitting those wedges low and stopping them quickly is a term the pros use called “flighting” the wedge shot.  It’s a shot that if you devote some practice time to, will reap huge dividends for you, and not just on windy days.

Check out this video of Rickie Fowler, courtesy of Titleist golf, and how flighting his wedge, combined with his ProV1 golf ball, works for him.

Video: Titleist Golf