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FootJoy Fury Golf Shoe

Recognized as the Gold Standard when it comes to golf footwear, FootJoy’s latest offering combines the
benefits and comfort of an athletic-style sneaker with the stability of your typical golf shoe. They’ve taken
all of the best elements from their Hyperflex and Freestyle families to create the ultimate in golf
footwear—FootJoy Fury.

In order to maximize comfort and support, FootJoy designed the Fury from the inside out. It features their
TruFit system which includes three elements: Inner Fit Sleeve, FlexGrid MLC and Ortholite® Impressions

Inner Fit Sleeve

Golf courses are full of uneven terrain. How many times have you said that there isn’t a flat lie on this
entire course? Well, the Inner Fit Sleeve helps provide a snug and secure fit around the foot so that your
feet and ankles won’t slip when navigating the course or hitting shots from all manner of lies.

FlexGrid MLC

To help promote maximum stability and great footwork throughout your swing, FootJoy inserted their
FlexGrid MLC, which provides medial and lateral control. This technology is conveniently integrated right
into the shoe’s lacings so that it holds up well under pressure and stress.

Ortholite® Impressions FitBed®

With customization rapidly gaining in popularity across golf equipment, it’s no wonder FootJoy is working
on ways to provide those sorts of options for their shoes as well. Custom comfort is provided via a
partnership with Ortholite® and their Impressions FitBed®. Two foams provide customization and comfort
in separate ways. One foam rebounds back to its original shape after every use, while a second foam
molds over time to the contours and shape of your foot for a more permanent customization.

The FootJoy Fury golf shoes feature full grain leather, with engineered mesh uppers for enhanced athletic
performance. The mesh uppers are equipped with waterproof treatment to ensure what FootJoy fans
have come to expect over the years—ultimate waterproof performance, including a manufacturer’s two-
year waterproof warranty.

From top to bottom, the FootJoy Fury offers the latest in innovation to provide golfers with maximum
comfort and performance. This includes an FTF+ midsole, as well as a dual density TPU outsole that’s
fitted with SoftSpikes® for best-in-class traction.

A clean, modern appearance, ultimate comfort, and outstanding performance make this FootJoy’s most
complete golf shoe to date.