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FootJoy gets Firmer Footing on Tour Shoe

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By Martin Hopley at Global Golf Post

FootJoy has been majoring lately on the level of flexibility and stability of their different models, as this can improve performance depending on how your feet move during your swing.

Just because you have a fast swing doesn’t mean that you need a stable shoe or vice versa, as it is very player-specific.

For those who do need that stability, the FootJoy Tour-S comes in at the top of the scale thanks to a Power Plate sole with Launch Pods that protrude beyond the edge of the sole.

FootJoy Tour-S Shoe in white/blue/green

This is a similar look to the ultra-stable XPS-1 shoe of 2012, but the Launch Pods are not as prominent, even though, with the exception of the front pair, the spike positions of the Tour-S are wider than those in the XPS-1.

In most of the four color styles the Launch Pods are transparent, so when they are on the course they merge into the ground, which is a clever touch. As well as the stability, what I also like about this style of sole is that it feels more comfortable as there is a wider base for your foot to spread over.

The Launch Pods sit on a Pebax outsole that is made from the same TPU as football boots for strength, and on top of this is a white TPU layer for comfort. Rotational stability is provided by carbon fiber in the shank of the sole and around the heel cups.

The Tour-S is waterproof thanks to a premium, treated Pittards full-grain leather that does not use a membrane and is breathable to keep your feet dry from external and internal moisture.

The upper has a lovely dappled effect, and the comfort of the SecureCollar and Comfort Tongue, which are similar to those on the DNA shoe, bring it all together to create a premium show that combines stability, performance, and comfort without compromises.

Martin Hopley is the founder of golf equipment review site Republished with permission from Global Golf Post.