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For many avid golfers, New Year’s resolutions are all about getting better, lowering your scores and having more fun on the course.

We talked with Erich Mumford, a Florida Regional Manager for Edwin Watts, and Mike Britt, an Eastern Regional Manager for Golfers’ Warehouse and Edwin Watts Golf, to get their take on some resolutions all golfers should consider for 2021. Here’s what they had to say…

1) Re-grip your clubs – One of the hardest things for amateurs to understand about their equipment is when their grips have run their course and it’s time to replace them. Mumford said if grips are becoming hard or slick, or there is noticeable wear, then it’s time to make a change. “It really depends on how often you play, the type of grips you use, how you take care of them and store them,” he said, adding that there are plenty of benefits to re-gripping. “Aside from more comfort and control of the club, there are grips that have alignment aids built into them, to ensure a consistent and proper grip every time. Also, being measured for grip size can make a noticeable difference in comfort, and sometimes the direction of ball flight.” Click here to view our entire selection of golf grips.

2) Update your Golf Wardrobe – Britt knows a thing or two about playing golf in cold weather, as his clientele in New England are known to play any time there’s not snow on the ground. Whether you’re playing in 30-degree weather or enjoying the warmer climes in the south, ensuring you’re outfitted properly for the weather can make a big difference. “Make sure that your outer layer offers wind protection,” Britt said. “The wind is your enemy in colder temperatures. Also, make sure you are layered properly, as that can make a big difference and gives you the flexibility to add or shed layers as weather conditions change throughout your round.” Click here to view our entire selection of golf apparel.

3) Improve with Training Aids – There are countless devices to help golfers improve their games, but when looking into training aids, it’s best to keep things simple and focus on what will help solidify the fundamentals. Some of the most popular aids are the Orange Whip, putting mirrors, and alignment sticks. “Training aids absolutely work,” Mumford said. “Even the top instructors use training aids with their students. They can improve swing speed, distance and accuracy with your woods and irons, and drastically improve your alignment, setup, and distance control with your putter.” Click here to view our entire selection of training aids.

4) Get Custom Fit – To maximize the benefits of getting new clubs, it’s smart to take the extra time to go through a custom club fitting, and the best part is that all Worldwide Golf Shops locations offer them for free. “No two golfers are identical in size, shape and swing – therefore the same club cannot possibly fit everyone off the shelf,” Mumford said. “Club manufacturers offer a wide array of lofts, shafts and adjustments to their clubs. If you are going to spend the money for new clubs, why not take advantage of all the benefits?” Worldwide Golf Shops uses Foresight GC-2 or GC-quad launch monitors in most of its stores to give golfers of all levels the most complete picture of their swing to help build their clubs. “We start by determining what club or type of clubs the golfer would benefit from the most, then fit for the optimal length and lie,” Mumford explained. “From there we determine which shafts would most benefit the golfer to optimize ball flight and consistency, and then choose grip type and size.” CALL or VISIT a store near you for more on custom fitting.