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Gain More Distance off the Tee

Every golfer wants to hit the long ball off the tee. There is no better feeling than crushing a drive dead down the middle, not to mention, a good drive can set you up for an easier second shot, keep you out of trouble and ultimately help you shoot better scores. For amateur golfers, hitting longer, straighter, drives doesn’t necessarily come from swing speed, they come from proper setup and a stable base. In this Play Better Golf segment, The longest Tour pro on the planet and Cleveland Golf staffer, Jamie Sadlowski, gives us some tips to help improve your driver setup for more power. Start launching it today with this swing tip and the Cleveland Golf Launcher HB Driver.

Hi, I’m Jamie Sadlowski here with Cleveland Golf and the Launcher HB Driver. I’m gonna help you get more distance off the tee with this series of tips.
One of my biggest secrets to more distance off the tee is what I like to call the power setup. What I see too many amateurs doing is to narrow of a stance and too much weight stacked on our left side. What that’s gonna produce is a very downward strike with a lot of spin. What I like to do is get the ball off the front of my heel from there a nice wide base, good knee flex, another big key would be to have the shoulder tilt more up, never level, and definitely not down.
So again nice wide athletic base, good shoulder tilt, and that’s gonna allow us to transfer our weight and create an upward strike. So when done correctly it should look similar to this. Power setup, nice wide base, the ball off the left heel, from there we’re gonna create some nice good width, good knee flexion, and the left shoulder higher than the right shoulder and that’s how you launch it.