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GAME CHANGER – Super Stroke

Super Stroke – Roger Dunn Golf Superstore, Repair Center

Super Stroke putter grips are built for comfort, performance.

In the fall of 2008, golf industry experts and friends Dean Dingman and Ian Zubkoff were searching for an idea. Their goal? Find something – anything – that would help people play better golf and enjoy the game more. Enter Super Stroke. At the time it was a relatively small company with a unique oversized putting grip that showed promising results. “We were searching for something that would allow us to have fun in simply knowing that we were helping other people have fun,” said Zubkoff, Executive Vice President at Super Stroke. “With the original Super Stroke putter grip, we found just that.”

Zubkoff admits he didn’t initially grasp the vision of the product. After all, it was originally a bit bulkier and bigger than it is now, and the packaging needed to be enhanced. He credits Dingman for seeing the potential in the initial product enough to dig a little deeper. Dingman was soon explaining to Zubkoff his plans for the product, which included everything from making it smaller and easier to put on to producing it in multiple colors. Zubkoff quickly jumped fully onboard and the two became business partners in Super Stroke.

Today, Dingman manages the business and operations side as the Chief Executive Officer and Zubkoff lends his sales expertise as the Executive Vice President. And together, along with a team of passionate golf lovers and innovative thinkers, they’ve created a brand and a product that has made a difference in the golf game of amateurs and Tour players alike.

The real game-changer for Super Stroke is its putter grips. The patented parallel technology and design means that there’s balanced pressure in both hands, which eliminates wrist movement in the putting stroke. This helps golfers swing the putter more freely, access and utilize the big muscles in the arms and shoulders, and minimize the tendency to have one hand dominating the other. All of which allows the golfer ultimate control through all putting distances.

There’s no better example of this control than Jordan Spieth, who putted his way to five wins at the FedEx Cup title this year, and who happens to be a brand ambassador for Super Stroke. Don’t be fooled though – he may have a partnership with Super Stroke, but as is the case with all of Super Stroke’s ambassadors, Spieth was playing with Super Stroke’s putter grips well before he was an ambassador. Jason Dufner, Dave Stockton, and, most recently, Sergio Garcia also represented Super Stroke.


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