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Golf Pride MCC Align Grips

Get a Grip – with Proper Placement

By John Steinbreder – Global Golf Post

Good golfers know that it all starts with the grip, and appreciate that it is impossible to get the clubface square and hit balls down their desired target lines if their hands are not properly placed. That’s why roughly a third of all tour pros use what is called a “reminder rib” on their grips. It is also a big reason why Golf Pride has introduced what it calls Align Technology and employed reminder ribs on its popular MCC and MCC Plus4 hybrid grips.

ALIGN™-TECHNOLOGY_GROUP-4“A repeatable grip is critical for many of the world’s best players, and they use reminder ribs to ensure they place their hands properly with each swing,” says Jonathan Neal, global marketing manager for Golf Pride. “But we kept hearing from those to ring pros that they wanted a rib that felt more pronounced. That led us to
develop Align Technology, in hopes of helping the top players in the world as well as recreational golfers.”

Both MCC products feature cord material in the upper portion of the grip and rubber in the lower part, with the MCC boasting a traditional taper and the MCC Plus4 a thicker profile in the lower part for those who find that innovation enables them to get their hands through their shots easier.

ALIGN™-TECHNOLOGY_GROUP-5And now, with the Align Technology, the grips also have a dedicated raised ridge on the back. According to Neal, that ridge feels more prominent to players due to a unique micro-diamond texture and material that is 50 percent firmer when compared with the surrounding grip area. And it maximizes what he describes as “elevation lift” and lets players lock the grip into the fingers in just the right places.

Republished with permission by Global Golf Post.