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Get More Distance off the Tee with the Power Release

A problem that some amateur golfers face with the golf swing is what is known as casting the club. When you cast the club, you throw the club towards the ground before the ball, losing the proper wrist angle in the process. In this Play Better Golf segment, the longest tour pro on the planet and Cleveland Golf staffer – Jamie Sadlowski – shows us how to add lag to your golf swing and increase your driver head speed.

[showhide type=”post” more_text=”Show more…” less_text=”Show less…”]Jamie Sadlowski: I’m Jamie Sadlowski here with Cleveland Golf and my Launcher HB driver and I’m here to help you get more distance off the tee. Here’s a simple tip to help you create more distance off the tee, it’s called the “power release.” I see too many amateur players who, at the top of their swing, will throw the club in a casting motion. What we’re trying to do is get the club in a hinged angle and hold on to that angle, so a lot like cracking a whip if you can visualize that. Simple drill you can do just flip your driver upside down, grab it by the head, and what we’re gonna try and do is create that whoosh sound at the ball or slightly in front. Again the casting motion there will be no sound if you do it incorrectly, the club will be thrown from the top and no angle stored. So it should sound similar to this when done correctly. You’ll hear the sound at the bottom, near the ball, or slightly in front. When done properly it should sound and feel similar to this. The proper power release is stored energy at the top of your golf swing coming down nice and narrow, store that angle as long as possible, cracking the whip at the bottom, and creating a whoosh sound at the ball or slightly in front of the ball. And that’s how you launch it.[/showhide]