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Getting Out of Trouble

Everyone gets into trouble off the tee no matter what handicap you are. One of the more challenging tasks after hitting into trouble is recovering from a poor shot and getting yourself back into position to save par. In this Play Better Golf segment, Tour Pro and Srixon staffer, J.B. Holmes, gives us step-by-step instruction on how to get yourself out of trouble, save strokes (and par), and start shooting better golf.

J.B. Holmes: Everyone gets in trouble off the tee. Even us tour players. I’m going to show you the best way to get out of trouble set yourself up to save par. First, pick your target. Second, point your clubface at your target. Third, close your stance and shoulders, this will help you keep the ball flight low and hook it around the tree.

After you set up properly, all you have to do is take your normal swing. The ball will come out with a big draw and you didn’t have to change your swing, just your setup. If you do this successfully you’ll give yourself a better chance of saving par. And now you’re on your journey to better.