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Gifts for Golfers Who Have Everything: 2023 Holiday Guide

Four of the best gifts for golfers who have everything.

Shopping for golfers can be difficult as it is, but shopping for one who has been golfing for a long time is even more challenging. Many of these golfers have everything they could want, and all they tend to add is a new club here and there, which is nearly impossible to buy for them without spoiling the surprise by taking them in for a fitting.

The key to finding great gifts for golfers who have everything is to get creative. Consider things that can add to their golf experience or their life outside of it, that aren’t something they would think of every day. There are plenty of golf-related gifts that golfers may not think of themselves, or simply wouldn’t buy on their own, but would love to have as gifts.

Consider the following categories:

  • Comfort and recovery
  • GPS and tech
  • Golf training aids
  • Golf apparel
  • Consumables

Let’s dive into each and get some ideas of what to get golfers who already have most of their necessities handled.

Comfort and Recovery

There are a ton of great gifts centered around making golfing more comfortable, and making recovering in between rounds easier. Since these aren’t necessities, even golfers who have played for a while may not have thought to get them. As a result, you get them something that makes every golf round better without worrying that they may already have what you’re getting them.

Some amazing comfort and recovery gifts include:

These, among others, are great ways for golfers to stay cool, comfortable, and loose on the course. Any golfer would be happy to have one of these gifts, but they aren’t the first things that come to mind when you think “golf.” This makes it much easier to offer a surprising and valuable gift.

GPS and Tech

For those willing to pay a premium to get a gift guaranteed to be extremely useful, GPS and other tech products are perfect options for adding more simplicity and efficiency to a golfer’s life both on and off the course.
Here are some of the most popular GPS and tech gifts for golfers:

Rangefinders One of the most helpful tech gifts to get for a golfer is a quality rangefinder. These give golfers the exact distance between them and the pin, making club selection much easier. This is one of the most important aspects of golf, and every golfer will appreciate a rangefinder.
GPS Smart Watches Smartwatches apply not only to their many off-course functions, but GPS-enabled ones are also great for the same purpose as the rangefinder– calculating the distance to the pin.
Launch Monitors Launch monitors are tools that golfers use to measure the specific metrics of their golf shots. This helps them set new goals and learn what they need to improve on, and some even offer full golf simulator functionality.

While these are at a more premium price point, they also offer more premium value for golfers. Their functionality makes every golf stroke easier, and improves the quality of your favorite golfer’s practice time.

Golf Training Aids

Many golfers with everything they need on the course may still not have everything they need for great practice on the range or at home. Golf training aids make practice much more effective by helping golfers improve specific aspects of their game more directly. While the launch monitors mentioned above represent the most premium golf training aids, there are a ton of options that can be bought more affordably.

Alignment Rods The most fundamental training aid in golf, alignment rods are cheap and extremely useful. They help ensure proper alignment and distance in a golfer’s stance, and can be used more dynamically to work on things like swing path.
Golf Net If your golfer has a yard, garage, basement, or even a park nearby, a golf net can allow them to get full-swing practice without having to buy a bucket of range balls or pay a green fee.
Hitting Mats A necessary accessory to the golf net, a hitting mat ensures that your golfer always has proper turf to hit off of no matter where they are.
Swing Trainers Swing trainers cover a wide array of tools meant to be swung in place of a golf club to help golfers work on specific parts of their swing, like tempo, speed, and accuracy.
Impact Bag Impact bags are heavy sacks with targets that allow golfers to practice their swing placement and speed anywhere with room to swing a club. You just drop them on the ground and swing away.
Putting Mat Putting mats allow golfers the opportunity to practice straight putts indoors to perfect their stroke.

Training aids make great gifts because there is nothing that a golfer loves more than getting better results on the course. Many golfers spend time on the range practicing, but not all of them can get quality practice at home. Give them the gift of better practice with one of these simple options.

Golf Apparel

While the golfer who has it all probably has their golf apparel, there is never any harm in new, better-looking, comfortable golf clothes. Every golfer could use more of all of the following:

  • Golf shirts
  • Golf pants/shorts
  • Outerwear
  • Hats
  • Golf shoes

Clothes get dirty and beat up, and golfers get tired of wearing the same old gear just like anybody else. A nice jacket, pair of shoes, or clothing item can help your favorite golfer feel refreshed and confident on the course.


Speaking of things golfers could always use more of, when in doubt, stuff their stockings with the consumables that they always need. Tees, balls, cleaning brushes, and even gloves need to be rebought pretty often. For that reason, almost every golfer will be happy to see them in wrapping paper come holiday time. Just make sure to find out what ball they like to use before buying them, or opt for tour-proven balls if you want to make sure you get the ones that will work well for them on the course.

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