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Going Big

Cleveland Golf introduces new clubs with maximum MOI

There’s a new driver in town and it’s accompanied by a family of friends. Cleveland Golf has unveiled the Launcher XL driver, along with the Launcher XL Halo fairway, hybrid, and irons – all accompanied by a new club called the Hy-Wood.

The new Launcher driver comes in three models – XL, XL Lite, and XL Lite Draw – and there’s one thing golfers will instantly notice: They’re big.

All three clubs feature a 460cc head design packed with the maximum MOI. The XL offers the ability to adjust lofts, while the XL Lite ditches the adjustability sleeve, but adds in a longer shaft to make it lighter and faster. The XL Lite Draw is light and fast, too, although it’s built for players who need extra assistance controlling their slice.

The rest of the Launcher Halo line is just as heavenly. The head design on the fairway metal is – you guessed it – big. It features glide rails on the bottom and a rebound frame in the head that provides two flex zones to increase energy at impact. The hybrid follows the theme of the fairway metal, while the newly invented Hy-Wood offers other benefits. Golfers who lack confidence with fairway metals can use the Hy-Woods for better results.

The Launcher XL Halo irons round out the set. They’re big, too, and created with artificial intelligence to maximize COR.

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