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Going the distance – Innovations lead to added length in Volvik’s DS-77 ball


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Volvik combined innovation, problem-solving and vision when it created the DS-77 golf ball in 2014. The DS-77 is Volvik’s extreme distance ball, but it’s not meant to just perform well off the tee. Its unique construction also provides a great feel and spin on the green.
“Dual Spin [for DS] means that there are different spins for this ball off the tee and around the greens,” said Jon Claffey, National Director of Sales and Marketing for Volvik. “It is genuinely a high-end, two-piece ball that performs like an extreme distance ball off the tee and like a three-piece ball around the greens.”
The DS-77 was designed for moderate swing-speed players who need help reducing side spin and increasing their distance, a common challenge among amateur golfers. The DS-77 effectively reduces the side spin that leads to hooks and slices, which leads to better accuracy and more length.
The ball also features a high COR for maximum ball speed, a 77 compression that reduces driver spin and a soft core that produces a great putting feel and accurate shot control.
“Everyone tells us that the DS-77 ball is an underpriced ball for how it performs,” said Claffey. “Because of the increased spin around the green, it actually plays more like a $35 ball. Because of the low driver spin, it is super straight. It’s also very durable. So there is extreme value with this ball.” The DS-77 comes in orange, yellow, pink or white for $22.99 a dozen.

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