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Golf Club Size Chart for Juniors: Get the Right Fit

A child golfer whose parents used a golf club size chart for juniors to get them the right club

Getting new golf clubs for your kids can be confusing, and many aspects of a club need to be considered. The best way to get your kids the perfect clubs for them is to take them for a professional club fitting at a specialty golf shop. This isn’t an option for everyone, though, and a golf club size chart for juniors is a way to get an idea of what size clubs to get your child.

How Does Junior Golf Club Sizing Work?

Unlike adult golf club sizing, where clubs have a “standard” length, and your measurement tells you how far off the standard you are, junior golf clubs have to come in a much wider array of sizes to meet the needs of kids of various ages and sizes. So, your child’s height will correspond directly to a preferred length for each of their core clubs.

Golf Club Sizing Chart for Juniors

The first thing you should do is take your child’s height in shoes. If you’re measuring on a flat floor, make sure to use regular shoes and not their golf shoes since standing on non-carpet flooring in golf shoes will add extra height if their golf shoes are spiked.

In this chart, find your child’s height on the Y-axis on the left, then follow that row along to see how long each of their core clubs should be:

Why is Kid’s Club Sizing Important?

Getting the right length of your child’s clubs ensures they can hold it at the proper angle when taking their swing. This makes it easier to get solid contact every time in the right golf stance, so they don’t develop bad habits compensating for wrongly-sized clubs. Inevitably, having the wrong size golf clubs will result in either inconsistent results, a really uncomfortable golfing experience, or both.

Since most junior golf clubs come in package sets, it may be tough to find a set with all the clubs at the perfect length. Just look for a set with most of the clubs within an inch of the right length for your child, and this should work out fine. If you’re going to compromise in any direction, buy clubs that are slightly oversized rather than under. This will allow them to last longer as your child grows.

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